Cashmere Peepo children's scarf

The Sunshine has officially ceased today and the rain clouds have gathered.
We have had the most amazing weather this Summer in the UK.
With that said, I for one am actually looking forward to cooler Autumnal days.
Time to start planning some long walks, an excuse to return home for a Hot Chocolate and a slice of Parkin.
Walks with children can be quite a challenge, so often they have to be tempted to wrap up warm and brave the elements of the British Winter,
Perhaps with the promise that there will be  a few Gummy Bears in your pocket – I know that has worked for me.

With that in mind We put on our thinking caps here at Purl English HQ and have devised a Scarf that is not only wonderfully soft and cosy – no scratchy wool here!  It also has personality, a lot of personality,
Our Peepo scarf has two pockets knitted in, one of which has a little pair of eyes peeking out.
Sure to entice the most Walk shy toddler out into the wild and even put a little spring in their step – you never know your luck.




Cashmere Peepo children's scarf
Cashmere Peepo children’s scarf
Cashmere Peepo children's scarf
Cashmere Peepo children’s scarf


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