twin cashmere comfort

Here at Purl English, we have recently had a number of orders especially for twins which led us to research a little into some interesting details about this phenomena. Twins have fascinated mankind for thousands of years, drawing attention, speculation and intrigue. Yet many still don’t know much about what causes the phenomenon or what

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cashmere christening comfort blanket

• Well you have had the baby. • You have got through the first month without a manual. • You are still on speaking terms with those closest to you (just). …and next on the list is the official “Name the Baby “ Party ! x Whether it’s a traditional Christening or a more relaxed

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picture of Jo Love

This month, we are delighted to announce that Purl English Cashmere has officially joined “Team Love “, You can now find a selection of our Pure Cashmere Blankets for sale on the website. A carefully curated, hand-picked collection of gorgeous and coveted brands for baby and child. The driving force behind this stylish new

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spinning wheels

Purl English is located amongst the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, or the “wolds” as the locals know to call this gently rolling landscape. This is sheep country, in fact the heritage of this area is tightly bound to the wool trade. The honey-hued ancient towns have constant reminders of this history with a ’

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Mother's Day gift set

We here at Purl English , have thoroughly enjoyed designing and curating this New Mother’s Day Gift, a delightful box of goodies for that wonderful new mummy in your life. This gift set features one of our cuddlesome cashmere comforters especially for the new arrival, set to become cot companion extraordinaire. There are some simple

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