Purl English is a creative knitwear business located in the Cotswolds, England. We design and produce a collection of pure Cashmere baby blankets and gifts. All made from the softest, most luxurious 100% pure Cashmere. All made by hand. Bringing a fun, quirky design ethos into the nursery. Modern and stylish.

Purl English Cashmere blankets and accessories are knitted with the finest British spun Cashmere, and when we say Cashmere, we mean 100% of the finest Cashmere that is available – you will notice the difference. We have chosen pure Cashmere as it is, without a doubt the softest fibre available, making it perfect for a brand new baby’s delicate skin – and of course lovely for the rest of us, young and old.

Cashmere baby blankets are naturally warm and hypoallergenic, perfect for keeping out the chill on a wintry day, yet light and breathable when the temperature rises. Excellent to take with you on your travels, Purl English Cashmere blankets fold away with ease and can be handily tucked into a handbag or travel bag.

At Purl English, we endeavour to produce exceptional quality and select the finest materials for our collection. We choose to trim our blankets with 100% pure Silk ribbon binding to create the ultimate Cashmere baby blanket. We believe it makes a huge difference.

Our aim is to create a gift that is as special and personal as it is possible to be. A gift that is beautifully made. A gift that you simply will not find anywhere else. Making it simpler for you to be original.

Purl English Cashmere. A gift made to celebrate the birth of baby, cherished through a childhood then given with love to the next generation.

a stunning gift

“Thanks for the beautiful blanket. It is beautifully packaged and will be a stunning gift for my friend’s baby. I’m sure she will appreciate all the love and care that has gone into making it”.

Stephanie / London